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The Naworth papers - Edward Bell Brougham b 1709 and Matthew Brougham 1733-85

posted Apr 09, 2011 07:32:32 by DavidBrougham
Geoff Brougham writes:

"In researching the family I have come across a couple of snippets which may be of interest. I had already found the Naworth Papers when I came across your site and had done some research. I know Peter makes reference to them in his narrative but there may be a couple of things he missed

Edward b. 1709 is referred to as Edward Bell Brougham in a conveyance dated 1744. This can only be him as his son Edward would only have been nine at the time. This latter Edward is referred to in a later conveyance also as Bell Brougham. This would seem to suggest that Ann the first wife of Edward of Barns was also a Bell.

Also in the Papers are references to the coveyance of 'Lee Holmes' which mentions both Matthew 1733-85 and his brother Edward (as above). This property was acquired and then sold again for a sum of £200 - it was then leased back for a period of 999 years. Both of the above are referred to as 'Yeoman Farmers' and must have been relatively well off. What I can't understand is why the whole family then moved lock stock and barrell to Manchester at the turn of the century. Obviously. the Enclosure Acts, and the combination of the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions were involed in there decision to move. However, as Yeoman farmers you would have thought them better protected from the effects of the enclosures."

Can anyone add anymore to this for Geoff - if you can then please get in touch.
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